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Outdoor Composite Decking (IB20-WT)

These are Amalgam materials and generally have a composition of wood dust & Fibre in addition to thermoplastic materials such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene along with additives & different pigments as colorants. They are preferred for furnishing exterior & interiors walls & flooring outdoors due to their excellent qualities such as fade and stain resistance, higher thermal & abrasion resistance, and excellent resistance to termites as well as resistant to UV. They offer a rich and appealing look the places they are installed.

New CE test:

  • With prEN 15534-4:2012 for decking profiles

Slip resistance:

  • Boards of INNVOBUILD is according to ASTM D2394-05. This is the best ranking for bare-foot slip resistance.

Weathering Resistance:

  • Boards of INNVPBUILD have very low moisture uptake. This is a key for mould & mildew resistance.

UV resistance:

  • 4000 hours accelerated Xenon-arc Exposure, the Boards turned slightly more clear and coloured.

Abrasion resistance:

  • The resistance to abrasion is similar to Oak.

Fungus Resistance:

  • Whatever fungus the wood composite is exposed to, it is extremely durable. Moreover, aging test does not affect this durability.
Item of Test Values
Flexural strength (MOR)
ASTM D7031-04 Section 5.5 & ASTM D6109-05 Method A
Flexural modulus
ASTM D7031-04 Section 5.5 & ASTM D6109-05 Method A
Flexural strength (MOR) & freeze-thaw resistance
ASTM D7031-04 Section 5.2 & ASTM D6109-05 Method A
Flexural modulus after freeze-thaw resistance
ASTM D7031-04 Section 5.2 & ASTM D6109-05 Method A
Impact Resistance
ASTM D7031-04 Section 5.12 & ASTM D4495-00 (2005)
Specific gravity
ASTM D7031-04 Section 5.14 & ASTM D792-08 Method B
Water absorption
ASTM D7031-04 Section 5.19 & ASTM D1037-06a Section 23 Method B
Moisture content
ASTM D7031-04 Section 5.15 & ASTM D4442-07 Method B
Abrasion Test
ASTM D7031-04 Section 5.17 & ASTM D4060-10
Wear index: 101 mg
Static coefficient of Friction
ASTM D2394-05
Sliding coefficient of Friction
ASTM D2394-05
NO Property Item Wood Plastic WPS
1 Righdity And Compressive Capacity High Low Higher than Wood & Plastic
2 Processibility Easy Difficult Easy
3 Reprocess Capacity Yes No Yes
4 Durability Ordinary Long Long
5 Aniti - Sun Ageing Resistance Good Bad Good
6 Frequency of Maintanance Often Seldom Seldom
7 Corrosion Property Bad Good Good
8 Recuperbility No Yes Yes

All information mentioned above is based on typical sample, is accurate to the best of our knowledge, and is provided without liability or commitment. As INNVOBUILD has no control over which other use this material, it does not give guarantee that the same results are obtained, as mentioned here. Each user of material should make their own test in their own local condition to confirm the suitability of our product for their particular use. Technical Specifications are subject to change.

Type IB20-WT
Item Outdoor Composite Decking
Min Order 200 m²
Material Wood Plastic Composite
Size 150mm (W) x 25mm (H)
Length 1000mm-5400mm
Surface Groove
Color Cedar, Red pine, Red wood, Gray, Blue gray, Coffee,or customized
Loading Capacity 20GP:6000Meter (910 m²)
1. No need of painting
2. Easy and convenient to install and clean
3. Requires less routine maintenance.
4. Favorable mechanical performance 
Usage Garden, Park, Yard, Balcony, Beach road, Pool surrounding etc.

Color Category

You can choose any color form them, and also we can adjust the color special for your requirement.

Wood Plastic Terrace Decoration Decking

Product and Accessories

Wood Plastic Terrace Decoration Decking


Step 1

When you install wpc decking,firstly you shoud made hardening pretreatment to the groud.

Step 2

Fiexed jouist in the hardened ground (jouist are placed in parallel).

Wood Plastic Terrace Decoration Decking

Step 3

Install the starting clip.

Wood Plastic Terrace Decoration Decking

Step 4

To be affirm the joist smooth surface with no bump, before installing the WPC decking.
As shown in the figure, use the clips and stainless steel screws fixed installation.

Wood Plastic Terrace Decoration Decking

Step 5

Wood Plastic Terrace Decoration Decking
Wood Plastic Terrace Decoration Decking