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INNVOBUILD Engineered WPC Vinyl Flooring represents a step forward in flooring innovation.

Beautiful laminate appearance meets waterproof technology and an ultra-effective soundproofing pad for a floor that seamlessly melds beauty and top quality! Engineered WPC Vinyl Flooring is available at the great discount price you deserve, only from INNVOBUILD to Your Home.

Vinyl Wood Plastic Composite Flooring is based on wood or word cellulose and plant cellulose. It has thermoplastic polymer material content as well as processing aids that contribute to its durability and strength as flooring. All these materials are uniformly mixed while being heated in moulded equipment as it is squeezed out into shape. This kind of flooring material is highly technological material having environmental and green protection. It has the characteristic of both plastic and wood.

Interior Floor Products:

  • IBIF1-1006YF Mountain Oak
  • IBIF2-1006YF Smoked Walnut
  • IBIF2-4006YF Pure Oak
  • IBIF7-6006YF Chestnut Brown
  • IBIF6-9006YF Country Oak
  • IBIF4-0206YF Dark Wallnut
  • IB61-HT(surface)Nougat Oak
  • IBIF2-9206YF Natural Gray
  • IBIF3-9206YF Oiled Walnut
  • IBIF4-3306YF Homage Oak Natural

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Artificial turf grass is an ideal substitute of natural grass.

BeautifulNatural grass needs irrigation, pesticides and water for its betterment while artificial turf grass grows without any maintenance. Artificial turf grass is soft, safe and remains green in all seasons.

In gardens, large or small, in playing fields professional or amateur, it can be enjoyed at any location particularly in places where grass could never normally grow, Provides the fresh look and experience of natural grass.

Ideal for Gardens, Terrace Gardens, Balconies, Public Parks, Patios, Swimming Pools and Spa’s surroundings, Sports Surfaces, Playing Area, Schools and Nurseries, Commercial Spaces, Indoor areas like trade shows, bedrooms, etc.


  • No Irrigation cost at all
  • Feels like real grass UV protected and fade resistant.
  • Lead free Fire Retardant No watering, mowing, fertilizers and reduced use of herbicides and pesticides
  • Estimated product life 15–20 years
  • Easy to install Pet-friendly
  • Has an insulating effect on terraces or balconies thus reducing energy consumption too