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Outdoor Composite Decking Board - Balcony Composite (IBB40-ST)

These are Amalgam materials and generally have a composition of wood dust & Fibre in addition to thermoplastic materials such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene along with additives & different pigments as colorants. They are preferred for furnishing exterior & interiors walls & flooring outdoors due to their excellent qualities such as fade and stain resistance, higher thermal & abrasion resistance, and excellent resistance to termites as well as resistant to UV. They offer a rich and appealing look the places they are installed.

New CE test:

  • With prEN 15534-4:2012 for decking profiles

Slip resistance:

  • Boards of INNVOBUILD is according to ASTM D2394-05. This is the best ranking for bare-foot slip resistance.

Weathering Resistance:

  • Boards of INNVPBUILD have very low moisture uptake. This is a key for mould & mildew resistance.

UV resistance:

  • 4000 hours accelerated Xenon-arc Exposure, the Boards turned slightly more clear and coloured.

Abrasion resistance:

  • The resistance to abrasion is similar to Oak.

Fungus Resistance:

  • Whatever fungus the wood composite is exposed to, it is extremely durable. Moreover, aging test does not affect this durability.